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Sahabat Laut Lestari (SLL)

Sahabat Laut Lestari developed TraceTales as a trusted traceability software. TraceTales enable seafood processing companies to digitally capture and manage data collected through all stages, from receiving the raw materials, processing, packaging, to shipping and distribution cycle. Using the touch-screen input, TraceTales software has a user-friendly system operated within the Local Area Network (LAN), resulting in proper deployment even in areas with poor or unstable internet connection. TraceTales records the data from the weighing scales automatically and the printed label containing a unique QR code is tagged along the process. When the customers scan the QR code attached to the packaging of the fish, they can see all detailed information about the origin of the fish, whether it is sourced from fair-trade certified fishermen, the processing date, the quality grade, the weights, and so on.


Electronic reporting, Data analysis and management



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