Confirmed Speakers

Lara Manarangi-Trott, WCPFC
Dr L. Manarangi-Trott is the Compliance Manager for the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), an international fisheries management organisation established to conserve, manage and ensure the sustainable use of tuna and billfish in the western central Pacific Ocean. Since 2012, she has overseen the monitoring and compliance programmes established by the WCPFC. In particular how emerging technologies could complement and enhance existing fisheries management tools and approaches.
Mr Chris Kastern, ABALOBI
Chris Kastern has approached the concept of responsibly sourced seafood from three very different perspectives. He worked in the local South African seafood industry as a fish trader for ten years, was involved in marine conservation as the Seafood Market Transformation Manager at WWF South Africa for seven years, and is now engaged in the small-scale fisheries sector as the Product & Traceability Manager for ABALOBI ICT4Fisheries.
Mr Kenneth Katafono, TraSeable
Mr K. Katafono is an entrepreneur and consultant with over a decade of professional ICT experience in the Pacific region in leadership, advisory, and technical roles. He is the former IT Manager of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and has been involved in digitization projects in Pacific Island fisheries. Ken founded TraSeable Solutions, a Fijian traceability technology startup in 2017 and has been working with blockchain technology in seafood supply chains ever since.
Dr Christopher Cusack, EDF
Dr C. Cusack is part of the research and development team in the Fisheries Solutions Center at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Chris works to advance EDF’s engagement in real world fisheries management problems by harnessing recent technological advances in the oceans space, improving the methods we use to assess fisheries and the communities that rely on them, and helping to build capacity for science based fisheries management around the world.
Mr Alan Steele, CatchCompliance
Ms Natalie Tellwright, OceanMind
Ms N. Tellwright is a Fisheries Analyst at OceanMind where she helps governments and supply chains understand fishing activity, risks of IUU fishing and threats to fisheries sustainability. Natalie worked in the Department of Fisheries, Thailand supporting MCS activities through capacity building and process improvements. She also has experience working as a commercial fisher, a fisheries observer and a fisheries researcher, and has a M.Sc. in Marine Conservation from University College London
Mr Vivian Fernandes, FFA
Mr V. Fernandes is the Compliance Policy Adviser for the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA). Working within FFA’s Fisheries Operations Division, his role involves providing MCS policy advice to FFA’s 17 member countries and assisting countries’ compliance with existing regional and international obligations.
Mr Steve Larkin, ImpactVision
Mr S. Larkin is Head of Sales at ImpactVision. He has over 30 years of food industry experience in a diverse set of roles spanning food safety, cold chain logistics, manufacturing operations, sales and marketing. At ImpactVision, he is focused on using hyperspectral imaging and machine learning to provide rapid, non-invasive and objective analytics for food supply chains, to reduce waste and fraud, and maximize yield, while delivering products of a consistent quality to consumers.
Mr David Baisch, Conservation X Lab
Before serving as Conservation X Lab's Molecular Innovations Director, Mr D. Baisch built expertise in DNA barcoding, marine population genetics, biological oceanography, and field sampling design. He has a background in analyzing mitochondrial DNA sequences, collecting catch composition information and biological samples on commercial fishing vessels, working in regulatory biology, leading field studies in marine near-shore ecosystems, and teaching conservation biology.
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All speakers listed in the agenda of the home page are currently confirmed to attend and present.  We will post additional photographs and biographies as they are made available!

Previous Speakers
Piers Harding
Piers Harding is a Senior Consultant at Catalyst IT with a particular interest in building the infrastructure behind Analytics. He has over 20 years in the IT industry ranging from:
• Architecture, and development of Data Analytics solutions including education, finance, and logistics industries.
• Architecture and development of web services.
• Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems, Applications & Products implementation (SAP) R/2 & R/3
Alan Steele
A passionate entrepreneur, Alan has over 35 years’ experience of working in start up businesses taking them from inception to a global player. Formerly an accountant, as CEO of Traceall Global, Alan has built the business from a small software provider to a thriving enterprise providing Internet of Things (IOT) software solutions for the Food & Beverage, Marine, Retail, Oil & Gas, Logistics & Transport sectors.
Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel is a professional with more than 10 years of experience in international business development with a strong focus on operations and technical-manufacturing management. He currently works as General Manager at Marine Instruments, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of technologically advanced electronic systems with special emphasis on high quality tracking and remote monitoring products for harsh marine environments and sustainable fishing.
Jack Kormas
As the Managing Director for Aerosonde Pty. Ltd., Jack is the Senior Executive Leader for all Australian operations of Aerosonde on behalf of Textron Systems. He is responsible for the management of the business in both the civilian and military domains, which includes Engineering research and development, manufacturing of the Aerosonde unmanned air vehicle, flight operations, training services programs and financial performance of the organisation.
Lioba Struck
Lioba coordinates all roll-outs and analytics for navama’s natural resource protection projects since 2013. Combining her working experience in Africa and Asia with her background in conflict management she builds bridges in international projects between various project parties e.g. governments, NGOs and industry.
She holds a bachelor in Social Science (University of Applied Science, Munich) and a Double Master in Peace and Conflict Studies (Phillips University, Germany and University of Kent
Benjamin Querné
Benjamin is a sales manager & project manager for the Fisheries Department at CLS Headquarter in France. Mr Querné has been working in the space industry for 4 years and is dedicated to fisheries for more than two years. He was a pioneer in the creation of the first CLS Group subsidiary in Africa. He is now also supporting the CLS Australian office in Melbourne to follow the activity of the group in the Pacific area.
David Martin
David is currently VP, Global Services at exactEarth Ltd, a data services provider, which leverages advanced microsatellite technology to deliver solutions that enhance Maritime Domain Awareness. At exactEarth, Mr Martin oversees the Global Services and Sales functions. Mr Martin has extensive experience in the data services industry and is also an active member of the IALA and IEC AIS Technical Working Groups for the evolution of AIS standards and technical specifications.
Phill is based in Sydney, working on sales engineering supporting the development of projects across the Pacific and globally. Phill has worked in various areas of satellite communications for over 7 years, building infrastructure and solutions around various platforms including: Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Maritime VSAT and MSS, C, Ku and Ka band land services.
Howard McElderry
Howard McElderry, M.Sc. has worked extensively in commercial fisheries monitoring and analysis for 37 years. Since cofounding Archipelago in 1978, Howard has played a key role in the development of at–sea and shore–based monitoring programs, and led the development of the electronic monitoring (EM) programs and technology used around the world.
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Mr Alan Steele, CatchCompliance