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Traps and Triumphs in developing Trace Technology

SAFET 2020/2021 Session #4 was held online Feb. 18, 2021

- Session #4 Resources -

Session 4: Traps and Triumphs of Trace Technology

Full Webinar Recording

Keynote: Comprehensive Traceability Principles & Pathway

Sara Lewis, Traceabilty Division Director, SALT/FishWise

Panel 1: The Traps and Triumphs of Interoperable Data Sharing Between the Indonesian Government and Private Sector Traceability Systems in Indonesia (moderated by Farid Maruf)

Director General Artati Widiarti, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, & Janti Djuari, Chairwoman AP2HI

Panel 2: The Traps and Triumphs of Interoperable Data Sharing in Thailand (moderated by Farid Maruf)

Bradley Soule, Director of Intelligence and Co-Founder, OceanMind | Dr. Kanit Naksun, Thai Department of Fisheries

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- Session #4 Speakers & Breakout Hosts -

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