- SAFET Session #3 -

Technology for Small-Scale Fisheries

SAFET 2020/2021 Webinar Session #3
was held online December 17th, 2020

Thank you to more than 120 participants from around the globe who joined us for this session!

Small-Scale Fisheries are a livlihood for millions of people, and hundreds of millions depend on the wild caught seafood for their primary nutritional needs.

It's more important than ever to support and empower fishers, communities, and governments to enable improved data collection methods. As we heard from our speakers, technologies that enable these innovations are constantly evolving, and hold the key to sustainability, climate resilience and better livelihoods in small scale fisheries globally.

If you missed it, you can check out the recording and each presenter's slides below.

- Session #3 Resources -

Full Session recording (all talks)

Session 3 Recording

Small-Scale Fisheries: The Ocean's Safety Net

Dr John Virdin

Near-Real-Time, Open-Source Monitoring for Small-Scale Fisheries

Dr Alex Tilley

SmartPass: Estimating Catch and Effort in Small-Scale Fisheries

Dr Chris Cusack & Harlisa

ABALOBI: Enabling Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries from 'Hook to Cook'

Dr Serge Raemaekers

- Session #3 Speakers -

Dr John Virdin

Dr Virdin directs the ocean and coastal policy program at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental and Policy Solutions. John has over twenty years’ experience in studying and advising government policies to regulate human use of the oceans, focusing on managing fisheries for food and livelihoods.

Dr Chris Cusack

Dr Christopher Cusack is a fisheries economist and technologist in Environmental Defense Fund’s Ocean Technology Solutions team. Chris has over twenty years’ experience working in and around fisheries and currently leads EDF’s technology-focused projects focused on addressing the world’s most pressing fisheries-related challenges.

Dr Alex Tilley

Dr Alex Tilley is an award winning fisheries scientist and leader of the Resilient Coastal Fisheries research cluster for WorldFish based in Penang, Malaysia. His work and research focuses on developing and testing innovative technological and social approaches to improve well-being, gender equality, and inclusive governance of aquatic foods.

Dr Serge Raemaekers

Dr Serge Raemaekers is the managing director of Abalobi ICT4Fisheries and a fisheries researcher at the interface between natural and social sciences. Serge has more than 15 years’ experience in aquaculture and capture fisheries and focuses his research on systems thinking around fishery governance and management models applicable to small scale fisheries.


Harlisa currently works to support the Oceans program of Environmental Defense Fund Indonesia as a Fisheries Information and Data Specialist. Harlisa is in charge of Blue Swimming Crab data collection activities in partnership with local university, NGOs and the community. She graduated from Hasanuddin University with major Utilization of Fisheries Resources (bachelor’s degree) and completed her master’s degree in IPB University with focus research on impact analysis (environment, social and economic aspect) of prohibition of Seine Net in Indonesia.

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