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Electronic Monitoring

Organization and Website Links


Fishing for Data Podcast (Net Gains, Duke, EM4Fish 2021)

What is EM? NOAA Fisheries website


Relevant documents

  • Recommendations for EM Program Design and RFPs: Guidance from EM Service Providers (CEA 2021)

  • Roadmap for EM in RFMOs (CEA Consulting 2020)

  • Catalyzing the Growth of EM in Fisheries. Progress Update (CEA Consulting 2020)

  • Designing & Implementing EM Systems, a Manual (EDF 2018)


New Models, New Applications: Advances in Fisheries Electronic Monitoring
Held online Sept. 24, 2020

- Electronic Monitoring -

Sustainable fishing technologies

- Sustainable Fishing Technologies -

Organization and Website Links







Journal Articles

  • Maxwell, S. M., Hazen, E. L., Lewison, R. L., Dunn, D. C., Bailey, H., Bograd, S. J., ... & Benson, S. (2015). Dynamic ocean management: Defining and conceptualizing real-time management of the ocean. Marine Policy, 58, 42-50.

  • Lewison, R., Hobday, A. J., Maxwell, S., Hazen, E., Hartog, J. R., Dunn, D. C., ... & Abecassis, M. (2015). Dynamic ocean management: identifying the critical ingredients of dynamic approaches to ocean resource management. BioScience, 65(5), 486-498.


Related Talks



SSF technologies

- Small Scale Fisheries (SSF) Resources -

Other Orgs Working on SSF



EDF Oceans SSF Hub

The ICT4Fisheries website


Relevant documents

EDF SmartPass White Paper

Information and communication technologies for small-scale fisheries (ICT4SSF) - A handbook for fisheries stakeholders

Go to Handbook


Hidden Harvests Report

View PDF

WildAid Enforcement Guide View PDF

20200205_EDF_LAMPUNG_ID_0052 (1).jpg

Technology for Small-Scale Fisheries

Held online Dec. 17, 2020

Hosted by: SAFET

Market and supply chain tools

- Market and Supply Chain Tools -

Organization and Website Links

Seafood Alliance for Legality & Traceability (SALT)

Marine Stewardship Council

Ocean Wise



This Fish

TraSEAble Solutions


Electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability Principles & Pathway, FishWise/SALT, 2021

The Truth About Electronic Traceability: Lessons Learned from Working with the Seafood Industry, FishWise 2020

Future of Fish, Traceability 101

Traceability Next Steps for Business, FishWise 

Overcoming Barriers: Solutions for Adopting Electronic Traceability, FishWise/SALT, 2020

Taking the First Steps Towards Full-Chain Seafood Traceability: A Preliminary Guide for Industry, FishWise, Future of Fish, IFT, Global Food Traceability Center, and World Wildlife Fund, 2017

Recommendations for Addressing Seafood Traceability and Key Data Elements, FishWise, Future of Fish, IFT, Global Food Traceability Center, and World Wildlife Fund, 2017


Blockchain Application in Seafood Value Chains, FAO Report 2020 

Tools for ocean and remote sensing

- Tools for Ocean and Remote Sensing -

Organization and Website Links

World Ocean Council

Berring Data Collective


Environmental Monitors (eMOLT)


Relevant documents

Humboldt Current Climate Resilience, SAPO Article 

Vranken et al 2020. Fishing Gear as a Data Collection Platform: Opportunities to Fill Spatial and Temporal Gaps in Operational Sub-Surface Observation Networks. Front. Mar. Sci., 29 October 2020 | Article

Monitoring Control and Surveillance tech

- (MCS) Monitoring Control and Surveillance Tech -

Organization and Website Links

International MCS Network

Ocean Mind

Global Fishing Watch

Pew Trust, Ending Illegal Fishing

Anthropocene Institute

Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA)

Relevant documents

Donlan et al. 2020. Estimating illegal fishing from enforcement officers. Nature Scientific Report PDF

Pew Trusts, Information sharing is key to ending IUU PDF

IUU Vessel Tracker shows possible widespread abuse of AIS switch-off capability. Article

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