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Welcome to the 2020 Seafood and Fisheries Emerging Technology Conference!

This year, we are holding the SAFET Conference online, bringing the world of fisheries and seafood technology directly to YOU! This year’s virtual conference will include a 6-webinar series, Tech Spotlights, blog posts and other practical resources aimed at exploring the most cutting-edge technologies and connecting the providers of these technologies with seafood and fisheries professionals around the globe.

On August 20th we kicked off the 2020 SAFET Conference with an informal ‘happy hour’ webinar. Practitioners and Tech Providers from around the globe tuned in to hear about this years’ conference series, meet the hosts and have the chance to re-connect with colleagues over a time-zone appropriate beverage, be it a coffee, tea, or a cocktail.

Bubba Cook, Tuna Program Manager of the World Wide Fund for Nature welcomed participants and officially kicked off the 2020 conference. “From drones to cameras and satellites to artificial intelligence, this forum is squarely aimed at exploring the most cutting-edge technologies that can be applied in fisheries and seafood,” he said.  Bubba introduced Shems Jud, director of Ocean Technology Solutions at the Environmental Defense Fund, this year’s conference partner.

Shems provided an overview of the upcoming webinar series, including the list of topics informed by feedback from the SAFET community. Emerging technology has always been at the core of this event and we are here to learn about how innovative and evolving technologies can help solve some of the most challenging problems in the fisheries and seafood space.  The first webinar in the series, “New Models, New Applications: Advances in Fisheries Electronic Monitoring,” will be held via Zoom on Thursday, Sept. 24th at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. You can register at the newly refreshed SAFET website, and while you’re there please subscribe for updates on future webinars.

See you in September!

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