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**Abstract Submission will close on January 10, 2019**


Call for Abstracts


SAFET2019 welcomes nominations and submissions to present at the event to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 13-16 February, 2019.


The theme of SAFET2019 is “Illuminating the Supply Chain,” which reflects the growing recognition of the increasingly important role that the seafood supply chain plays in identifying and assisting actions related to investigations of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU).  Regulatory authorities have progressively identified supply chain traceability as an increasingly important tool in combatting IUU alongside other available MCS tools.


SAFET2019 is seeking nominations for presentations that are dynamic, engaging, thought-provoking, and enhance understanding of emerging technologies and their applications in a fisheries and seafood context.   Presentations should be targeted at a relatively broad audience.  Presentations that “push the limits of the possible” are encouraged!


We seek initiatives that focus on the following general categories:


  1. Speaker Sessions


(a) Understanding the Global Fisheries and Seafood Landscape 

i.      Overview of the Global Fisheries Industry and Seafood Supply Chain

ii.     Understanding International Cooperative Efforts

iii.    Basic Gaps in Fisheries Enforcement and Seafood Monitoring

iv.    Overview of Existing Technologies

v.     Basic Costs and Benefits of Existing Technologies Applications


(b) Overview of Emerging Technologies 

i.     Integrated Satellite Imaging & Tracking Technology

ii.    Unmanned Surveillance Technologies

iii.   Electronic Monitoring

iv.   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

v.    Catch Documentation and Traceability Technologies

vi.   Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain 

vii.  Data Management Solutions Technologies and Big Data Analytics

viii. Genetics and Biochemical Markers for Use in Forensic Investigations and Traceability


  2. Panels


(a)  Shared hurdles and common solutions - An honest discussion about eCDT 

(b)  Course Change - Facilitating Adoption of Emerging Technology in the Supply Chain

(c)  Weighing the Alternatives: Matching Technologies to Objectives and Capacities?


PLEASE NOTE: Nominations will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis, with those submitted earlier having a greater chance of being selected for inclusion in the programme.

As guidance for your abstract, please consider the following criteria:

  1. State of Completion: The abstract indicates substantial results based on work that has been, or is nearly completed.

  2. Novelty: The abstract must show innovative information, or presents a new topic or application in the field of interest.

  3. Advancement of Field: The abstract should present a significant contribution to the field, and the authors must specify how the paper/presentation will contribute to the development of global knowledge and understanding of the subject policy or technology.

  4. Quality: The quality of an abstract will be considered indicative of the quality of the final presentation by the reviewers. The abstract is developed carefully, assuring that the reader will understand the background of the issue(s) and the objectives of the presentation.

  5. Relevance: Material presented in abstracts must be concise and coherent, with the focus of the abstract and its relevance to an international audience stated clearly.

To submit an abstract please fill out the form below.



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